Code Camp
 Wordplay Studio
Designers: Rix Lee, Tom Horne, Luke Anderson, Bennett Kowald
Running courses all over the country during every school holidays, Code Camp shift the coding experience away from traditional programming and instead make coding more accessible to children by giving them the tools to make applications, games and unlocking their creativity both as learners and creators. Becoming Australia's most attended coding school, Code Camp approached Wordplay Studio for a rebrand.
After facilitating a co-design workshop with the client, Wordplay Studio distilled everything Code Camp do down to, ‘we exist so that you can create anything you can imagine.’ The team immersed themselves in modern children’s culture by visiting toy stores, replaying nostalgic games and attending a Code Camp class. The rebrand aimed to hero the kids as future makers through an adaptive identity that could speak to the variety of courses and the infinite possibilities that they can create.

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