Tenon Maintenance
Studio: Creades
Creative Director: Jacob Aflak
Creative Lead: Bennett Kowald
Through research and a discovery workshop, Creades learned that property maintenance was a service that no one really wanted to deal with. A focus group lead us through all the pain points of searching for the right person, dealing with call-out fees, overpriced quotes and unfinished jobs. This, ultimately, painted a picture of an industry lacking trust and accountability and prompted us to position Tenon as a disrupter in the market.
Tenon Maintenance is the go-to maintenance option for larger property portfolios including companies, strata and real estate. The name ‘Tenon’ came from the ‘Mortise and Tenon’ woodworking joint where the Tenon acts as the male part holding the joint together but also can’t be seen. This invisible and seamless approach to property maintenance was key to the branding as the Tenon services offer the same peace of mind. Positioning themselves as the all-in-one property maintenance solution, Tenon provides trust that the job is done. For good.

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