Good Housing
Creative Director: Jacob Aflak
Creative Lead: Bennett Kowald
Navigating the housing market for Australians and their families living with disabilities can be difficult. Often the right channels and infrastructure aren’t established to provide people living with impairment with adequate living arrangements. This can often lead to disabled people living in housing with an unhealthy environment, impacting on their life outlook further. The founders of Good Housing came to us with the vision of creating specialist housing and accommodation for people living with disabilities and, ultimately, provide them with an environment that allows them to live with a greater sense of independency.
Through a discovery workshop, we were able to reach Good Housing’s brand purpose – ‘enabling extraordinary lives through specialist disability housing.’ From there, they were branded to reflect the empowering environments that they create. With each home designed with purpose to suit specific needs, Creades created a brand system for Good Housing that can be adapted for their wide service offering with accessibility, vibrancy and warmth at the forefront.

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