The Muffat Collective
Creative Director: Jacob Aflak
Creative Lead: Bennett Kowald

The Muffat Collective are a four piece ensemble that perform historical Baroque music. Composed of two violinists, a cellist and a harpsichordist, the group have studied, taught and performed extensively around the world. The word Baroque comes from the Portuguese word, 'Barocco,' meaning 'misshapen pearl.' The term was adopted to criticise the era that is heavily ornamented stylistically across the music, art and architecture of its time. But it is the misshapen pearl that has the most stories to tell.
From the composers to their instruments, the Baroque era is rich with storytelling and The Muffat Collective act as conduits for these stories of a bygone era. Rather than being a negative connotation, the symbol of a misshapen pearl was utilised to represent the many different facets of Baroque and instead advocate for the flourishes and ornamentation that are now synonymous with the era. 

The Muffat Collective identity took direct inspiration from the misshapen pearl - an otherwise perfectly circular logo is distorted with a flourish that intertwines and weaves throughout all of the brand. The tone of voice within the brand continues the story-driven strategy as the copywriting alludes to the narrative and themes that exist throughout classical Baroque music. To compliment the ubiquitous influence of storytelling that the ensemble's music imbues, paintings and illustrations of the Baroque era accompany the visual communication of the brand.

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