The Peculiar Hop
Heard Agency
Creative Lead: Bennett Kowald

Copywriter: Rachel Walton
Sydney’s craft beer market is already over saturated with similar looking, on-trend designs. The Heard Agency designers sought to break up the summer, session ale market and began to design with the intention of shelf standout by avoiding the typical blues, beaches and surfing imagery. By focusing the brand and packaging around other insights of summer drinking in Australia, the project led to something far more fantastical.
Whether it's storytelling or story-topping, Australians love telling tales. And often we don't let the truth get in the way of a good story. With everything driven around this insight, a bold yet fun design started to unfold that accentuated the storytelling angle through fictitious cryptids. Playing upon the hops beer ingredient for the name, the peculiar, hopping Jackalope (a rabbit with antlers) became the brands identity. Executed with a playful illustration style that is in contrast to the dark, old-world storytelling theme of fantastical encounters, The Peculiar Hop became a brand targeted towards young people whilst tastefully poking fun at our own pastimes.

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